a journey of discovery
by J Robert Hartman
with Janis McMillen Harrold



Enter the journey of a young black belt martial artist as he learns the lessons passed down by those who traveled before him.  Walk with him as he discovers one must not only find his gift, but one must learn to keep his gift.  As you take this journey, you too may unlock the wisdoms of those who traveled before you and discover your own true gift. 

Dojada is a collection of my learning and teaching in the martial arts over the last 30+ years.  I saw a need to teach children the steps to make good decisions and to discover their purpose. This book came about because I also saw a great need to help parents, guardians, teachers,  and other martial arts teachers teach children how to dream, set, go and get goals. In addition how to make good decisions, find their purpose, tell them the truth about bullying, and essential lessons for positive self-images, true confidence, and success.  These lessons needed to be in a fun adventure of discovery so the children would want to read this journey, learn, ask questions, and discover.   In this journey of Dojada and Shaun many lessons were learned.  I must confess I learned as I discovered their journey! 
It is my hope you will too.
Dream, set, go, get,
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As mentioned in "An Adventure of Dojada", Black Belt do offers additional information, goal setting tools to help you grow and achieve your success.  

There is also a Guest Pass if you'd like to try a martial arts school. 

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